Instructions for assembling your Gumdrop Pathway Lights

THANK YOU for purchasing our quality, GUMDROP PATHWAY LIGHT SET.You can have your pathway lights assembled and operating within just a few minutes by following these simple instructions.

  1. Carefully remove the “gumdrop” light toppers and the gumdrop lighting bases from their original carton.
  2. Carefully “unstack” the gumdrop light toppers (it is completely natural for some of the sugar-like substance to be loose in the package or to come off during unpacking and assembly).
  3. Carefully unwind the gumdrop lighting bases until the wire is straight and not tangled.
  4. Remove the power adapter from the carton – do not connect the power adapter to the power socket or to the gumdrop lights just yet.
  5. Inspect the gumdrop lighting bases. You will notice that there are two “notches” in each base for the wire to pass through once assembled. As you assemble each light be certain that the wires are in these notches and are not being “pinched” or otherwise caught between the light topper and the lighting base. This may cause damage. You will also note that there are “stickers” in each gumdrop base and in each gumdrop lighting topper. Also observe the color of the LED light in each base. For optimum color performance you need to match the correct color gumdrop cover to the matching color LED base.
  6. Once you have the wires in their notches, it is time to begin assembling the gumdrop lighting toppers to the bases. The LED lights are built into the lighted bases and you do not need to tighten or assemble anything for the LED lights to work. Line up the gumdrop lighting “topper” with the base, aligning the shaped sticker in the topper with the shaped sticker in the base. You will note that there is only one way for the topper to snap into the base – by aligning the shaped stickers, you will automatically have the base and topper in the correct position. If you have lost your shaped stickers, simply notice the notches in the base and the tabs in the topper. If you carefully align the tabs in the toppers with the notches in the base, your unit will assemble easily. Push down on the topper unit; the topper locks into the lighting base. Some force will be required, but if the topper does not snap into the base rather easily, you may need to realign the tabs in the topper with the slots in the base.
  7. Once all toppers are assembled to the bases, place your Gumdrop Pathway Lights in position in your landscape or display. There are “U” shaped metal stakes included with your kit. Use these U-shaped metal stakes to push into the ground around each pathway light to hold the light in position. The “U” shaped stakes push down over the tabs protruding from each light to secure the light to ground.
  8. You will notice that there is one male plug and one female plug on your set of Gumdrop Pathway Lights, each on opposite ends. Connect the plug from your power adapter into the MALE plug on the Gumdrop Pathway lights and tighten the weather tight connector. Your Gumdrop Pathway Lights are able to be connected together in a “chain” if you use more than one set, but less than five sets together. If you are using only one set, simply “cap” the female end of the plug or place the female end of the plug inside the Gumdrop Pathway light for protection against the weather and possible corrosion. If you are connecting sets together, you simply connect the female plug from the next set into the male plug. You can safely connect up to five sets together.
  9. Once the power cord is attached you can safely plug your Gumdrop Pathway Lights into the power source. There is no on/off switch or timer with your lights so once connected to a functioning power source, all of your Gumdrop Pathway Lights should light.