Electric Luminary Instructions

Electric Luminary Instructions
Assembly Instructions
NOTE: Do Not plug electric luminarias into power until assembly is complete
1. Lay out cord wih sockets at each position where electric luminaries are to be installed
2. Assemble each plastic luminary as illustrated below:
    a. Fold slot flaps in and crease well
    b. Fold tab flaps and insert tabs into slots

3. Assemble Luminaries to electric cord
    a. Locate hole in BACK of luminaria for walkway display
    b. Feed threaded end of bulb from inside
    c. Screw bulb into socket

4. Plug only into 110 to 120 volt outlet equipped with GFI

5. Your Luminaries should be weighted down to prevent tipping over from the wind

Attach to Back for walkway display
Anchor Spike:
After Luminary is assembled, carefully push spike through the holes in the bottom of the luminaria and into the ground.