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Holiday Lights
Copper Wire, Icicle, and LED Gumdrop Lights for Christmas and other occasions

Kringle Brothers LED Lighting Advantages
  • AFFORDABLE - We dare you to compare these prices!
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - LED lamps are up to 90% more efficient than standard lamps; meet ENERGY STAR and UL/CUL standards - save $$$ this holiday season!
  • LONG-LIFE - LED lamps last up to 100,000 hours compared to only about 2,000 for standard lamps.
  • LONG-LASTING - LED strings have heavy epoxy casings; virtually indestructible as compared with standard strings.
  • SAFETY - Unlike standard lamps, LED lamps stay cool, so your dry, brittle evergreen won't be a fire risk! Thicker wires prevent torn and broken wires that cause fire risks.
  • RECTIFIED - Some LED lights "flicker" - ours are "rectified" to prevent that LED "flicker" and look natural.
  • TANGLE-FREE - LED strings have thicker wires that help prevent those frustrating and costly wire tangles.
  • EASY - LED lamps have a standard, two-prong plug, use standard 120V, 60Hz current and you can connect up to 43 strings together end-to-end.
  • NO RISK - Our Kringle Brothers LED lights are covered by our three-year, no-quibble replacement warranty!