Luminaries FAQ

Luminaries Frequently Asked Questions
Will the LumaBase burn?
No! There is an additive to the plastic to make it non-flammable. However, it will melt in direct flame.
Can I fill the LumaBase with sand?
Sure! Filling the LumaBase with sand provides the necessary weight and can remain in the base for use year after year.
Are the LumaSleeves flammable?
As they are made of cardboard and treated to be flame resistant, in a direct flame they can burn.
Will the LumaBase break if the water inside freezes?
The LumaBase is made of the same material as a plastic milk carton. Freezing may bulge the LumaBase, but should not effect the use.
How close should I place the Luminaria's to one another?
It can vary. We suggest using the lines on sidewalks as a guide, 1 - 2 feet along your walkway, and 4 - 5 feet around you pool.
Can I store the used LumaBase with water inside?
Yes! We suggest that you add a drop of dish detergent to each to avoid water discoloration.
What size are your bags?
Our bags are a number 6. Our bag dimensions are: 6"W x 3-1/2" D x 11"H
What size are your LumaSleeves?
Our LumaSleeve dimensions are: 5-3/4"W x 3-3/8"D x 10-1/2"H
Do the LumaSleeves slide down inside or outside of the bag?
The LumaSleeves slide down INSIDE the bag.
What is the spacing between bulbs on your electric kit cord?
From bulb to bulb, the spacing is 36".